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    "What was the happiest moment of your life?"
    “Europe in the summer of 1959.”
    “What happened there?”
    “I was nineteen. I’d just lost 100 pounds and had a whole new set of clothes. I toured Paris and Rome and everyone was paying me so much attention. They were even asking for my photograph! Of course inside I still felt like an awkward, overweight girl. It was all so overwhelming and wonderful!”
    “Why’d you go to Europe?”
    “To have sex, of course. And I did! I was the first in my whole group of friends. I came home and told everyone that I’d done it with a charming Frenchman. In reality it was some creepy dude from Chicago.”

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  2. Positive alternative to “the walk of shame”:




    “Got Laid Parade”

    “Stride of Pride”

    “Post-Cock Walk”

    “Just-Touched-A-Butt Strut”

    “Took Off My Pants Dance”

    “G-Spot Trot”

    “Had Fun With the Clit, Time to Split”



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    Meanwhile, U.S. men and women in the military are taking to social media to anonymously demand that the Obama administration refrain from sending them to fight Syria.

    This shit makes me so insanely mad. So. Insanely. Mad.

    AND THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD NOT GO. It isn’t our job to be the world police. Damn Obama trying be the world Sharif. 

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  4. That time you confused a lesson for a soulmate.
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    Smoothing things over with a Virgo:

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